My friend and I drove out to the mountains on a beautiful Saturday morning.  The only thing we planned for the day was to leave Calgary at 8 am to take a hike at Emerald Lake and Lake Louise.  As our adventure began driving along the highway we created an intention for the day:  the possibility of Wonder and Adventure.

Our first stop was Takakkaw Falls:  loosely translated from Cree, means something like “it is magnificent”.  Although I had been there years ago, clearly it was different since then and the beauty and magnificence was breathtaking.

We proceeded to Emerald Lake; words can’t explain how the magic and beauty of this lake touches my soul.  There is a sense of peace, calm and connection to source for me when I am there.  My friend’s Mom, who passed on 10 years ago had always wanted to visit Emerald Lake at Christmas.  This didn’t happen during her life and when we arrived at the lake he heard her say to him, “finally”.  His Mom shows up to him in the form of a butterfly; we were only on the path for a few moments when 2 butterflies joined us and stayed with us throughout the walk.  Half way around the lake we took a few minutes to sit on a bench, we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the mountains, trees and lake while basking in the warm sun.  The butterflies were flying around us and then one landed on my friend’s shoulder, then my shoe, as if it was playing with us.  What happened next was beautiful; the butterfly landed on my friend’s water bottle.  When he moved his hand towards it, the butterfly moved to his finger and stayed there playing for a few minutes.  We were both very quiet, moved by this; without a doubt it was my friend’s mother connecting and communicating that she was with us. This was one of the most magical and moving moments of my life.  Although she was there to communicate with my friend, I was also a part of the connection.

We proceeded to find a place to have our picnic lunch and as we got back onto the highway we saw there was a train heading east.  As the spiral tunnels were not far we sped up and with only moments to spare we were able to watch the train make it’s way through the tunnels.  It was so awesome!  We spent some time there chatting with some folks who were visiting from the Netherlands.

We continued on our journey finding a spot along the river in the Lake Louise village to have our picnic.  2 lawn chairs, a cooler with a tasty lunch and the beautiful bow river makes for a glorious picnic!!  Next up was Lake Louise!!!  Another magical and special place in my heart!  Again a place of peace, love and connection.  We explored amongst the tourists and took a walk to the back of the lake. What an enjoyable walk as we took photos, laughed and breathed in the glorious smell of pine.

Visiting Lake Louise could be emotional for me as I was married in Lake Louise 5 years ago September 26th and I am now divorced.  With the exception of a few moments of  sadness,  I was present to love and gratitude for the journey I shared with John as well as the friendship we have now created.  I was also present to the journey and possibilities available to create.

It was now dusk, however we made our way to the stunning Moraine Lake.  What a neat way to experience it’s magnificence… by moonlight!

Words barely describe the magical day we shared; one of connection, love, adventure, beauty, authentic conversation, joy, fun, play, laughter.  The beauty of this day was that is was a creation, allowing the day to flow and unfold with ease and grace.

What we intended on being a nice hike in the mountains turned out to be a magical day of WONDER and ADVENTURE!!

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