Giselle creates a beautiful, safe space, and provides impeccable support for your session.  I was able to sink right into my session, knowing she was there to support me fully.  I had a very powerful experience, and cleared out some very old emotions!  Giselle supported my process with her guidance, using words, certain touches, and drumming, which helped me to access and process my emotions. It was a deep and profound experience, and afterwards I felt calm, freer, and as if I occupy my body in a new and fuller way.  I would recommend breath work with Giselle to anyone …. especially people who want to shift their programming and beliefs, in a direct and powerful way.  Her intuition and support are second-to-none! ~ Andrea von Schoening

I was grateful to be offered a session with Giselle. The whole experience is phenomenal: the music, the gentle touch, the timely affirmations, the drum and shaker and Giselle’s gentle singing. I travelled deep and woke refreshed. I would highly recommend Giselle, she has a natural gift for putting you at ease and ensuring a safe and loving experience. ~ Vivian Maclean

What I like about it was how you trusted your intuition and what was taking place to forward the session. I especially liked your use of drum music and drumming. I would recommend a breathwork session with Giselle to those people who are interested in expanding their connection with themselves and possibly others in ways that may not have been thought of yet. I was amazed at how safe and intimate a one on one breathwork could be. thank you Giselle! ~ Kevin Mercs