Do you carry extra weight and have had the experience of trying almost everything to lose the weight with little or no success?  Have you been embarrased to go swimming in public or had difficulty fitting into an airplane seat?  Have you critised yourself, felt guilty or ashamed?  Well I can relate;  for as long as I can remember I have been overweight and have taken on several things to release the weight.  I have critised, judged myself and rarely ever felt like I have fit in.

This journey continues for me, however I am taking a different approach now and feel compelled to share it with you.

It’s a fact that many people are dealing with being overweight and it has become a health crisis, specifically in North America.  I ask myself – with all of the knowledge about weight loss, fitness trainers, gyms, nutritional programs, support systems, etc. why does this epidemic continue?  Perhaps it’s not about all that – perhaps it’s more about our individual self worth, acceptance and love.  I realize this isn’t a new thought – I’m just really getting this for myself – and not only on an intellectual level – getting it in my heart and soul.

My struggle with weight has cost me many things during my life including not doing things I enjoy such as swimming, lost relationships; pushing people away in my life thinking that they wouldn’t love and accept me when all along it has been ME who hasn’t accepted me as well as following my heart’s purpose and passion in life.

Over the past few weeks I really got to see how my ‘conversation’ about my weight, my body has had me being a victim and wanting others to feel sorry for me or affirm that I was ‘good enough’ but frankly even when people did that it made little or no difference as I didn’t feel it for myself.  I see that these conversations were disempowering for me and others as they didn’t really know what to do to make a differene for me.   So many people have said to me – “Giselle why don’t you just love and accept yourself and not focus on fixing and changing so much?.  I got this intellectually and really tried to do that but it made no difference.  It was so frustrating – what was I missing??  Perhaps what I have resisted has persisted…

So they next phase of my jouney has now begun – what will it take, what does it look like to truly love, accept and honor myself?


It has begun with releasing disempowering thoughts and emotions I have projected upon myself for the last 40 years.  I was involved in a couple of healing ceremonies recently and had the following experiences:  – I was able to see past exeriences which were very difficult and scary for me; releasing the emotions of  fear, guilt, anger and shame regarding those experiences;  I had the opportunity to see & feel the impact of the self critism and sabatoage and experience what truly honoring myself would look like with respect to fueling my body with nutricious food, moving my body and appreciating it for everything it does for me each day;   – I saw how our body is energy and like energy it shifts, changes and moves.  I have the ability to move and release the energy we define as fat.  I even had the vision of seeing the fat cells shifting and disipating into the light – far out!!

So why am I sharing and blogging about this?  I get the struggles many people are facing as they deal with their weight- not that I can understand your individual situation exactly, however as we are all connected I assert I relate in many ways.  It is my intention that my sharing will may make a difference for you; perhaps providing some insights, an opening for your to look at what’s available for  you to release all of which is holding you back (as well has holiding onto the weight) and step into the beautiful shining light that you really are.

Further as this journey continues for me I may be faced with opportunities to fall back into old patterns and habits OR choose to take on new patterns with the committment to honor, accept and love myself.  As well as offering myself grace and compassion along the way.  Through my sharing and your listening it empowers me to honor my committment to ME!

I will continue to post as my journey unfolds and welcome your feeback.

Shine on loved ones.  Much love and light,