What is the situation?
Throughout my life I have had many times of feeling depressed, afraid, alone and hopeless.  Four years ago I experienced a major depressive episode; this experience was triggered by memories / nightmares of physical / emotional trauma I experienced when I was quite young as well as struggles I was experiencing within my marriage. Through the support of family & friends, counseling, faith, meditation and inner strength I was able to move through that difficult time.
Now I find myself in a similar situation, another deep depression; this experience has been stronger and more difficult to face, wanting to hide out, push people away and questioning life and death.
Despite this depressive experience, there is a stronger light in my soul that knows that I am worthy of support & healing, being open, transparent, vulnerable and asking for help is OK, and I deserve to live a full and vibrant life. 

What am I raising money for? 
Although I have received support through family, friends, several healing modalities and practitioners in my community, that has only provided with temporary relief of symptoms.  I am being called to go to a place where deep healing is possible; I will be going to a healing center in Peru.  This center will support me in healing on a deep level:  healing the dis-empowering belief systems and subconscious habits that have me repeat the same destructive patterns and cycles which keep me stuck and no longer serve me.
The healers at this center have achieved profound results in treating numerous modern illnesses including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, certain cancers, and many other physical, mental and emotional ailments affecting the world’s population today. 

How soon will I need the funds?
I will be embarking on this journey in January 2017 with the intention to be away for approximately 6 weeks.   Unfortunately, none of the costs for this type of treatment are covered by the healthcare system in Canada (Alberta), so the entire cost comes out of my own pocket and from the generosity of family, friends, and others in the community who feel called to support.
Your contribution will support me with cost of flights, accommodation & treatment at the healing center.

Why does this mean so much to me?
Many of us have been affected by Mental Health.  Some people have suffered their whole life dealing not only with the illness but also by the judgement, ridicule and stigma that goes along with it.  I have dealt with this personally, have watched my own father and other loved ones struggle, one of which who took his own life.

My commitments:
– To heal myself while inspiring, educating and empowering others who may be dealing with similar challenges
– That ALL people who are experiencing any health challenge:  physical, mental, emotional have the opportunity to speak about it, ask for help, receive support within a compassionate, supportive and loving capacity
– To educate and build stigma free communities

My request of you is to stand by me so together we can offer hope, inspiration, awareness, support and healing to others on a similar path.

I thank each of you for your love and support by contributing to my campaign, sharing my story and recognizing that as we stand by one, we stand by all! Everything can be resolved in community!  https://www.gofundme.com/giselleswellnessfund

Also, if you are unable to contribute via the campaign page, another option is through PayPal:  lotsofnutrition@yahoo.ca

Other forms of contribution welcomed:
– Organizing a local fundraiser on my behalf
– Offering me healing work such as breathwork, hypnotherapy, reiki, acupuncture, massage, EFT, body talk, prayer, healing/prayer circles, etc.
– Sharing my story / fundraising campaign
– Supporting me in finding a tenant for my condo

Much Gratitude & Many Blessings,

Help spread the word!