Although I have created and accomplished many things and have gathered copious amounts of information about health over the years, I have consistently had difficulties in transforming my health and wellness.  I have tried several diets, read books, participated in different programs and at times have had some success.  In 2003 I released 45 pounds which was wonderful, however over the years I have gained it back and never gotten to the root of why I hold on to the weight. What I have learned to be true is there is no exact science with our health and wellness; its about total health – mind, body and soul.  Now how to accomplish this in my life?

I have come to a point in my life where I am ready to transform this area in my life and truly deal with what is there that has me hold on to the weight, have a lack of energy and prevent me from living a full and vital life.  Over a month ago, August 6’14 I took on this area of my life creating the possibility of FREEDOM, UNLIMITED SELP EXPRESSION and being FULLY ALIVE!  I realized I wasn’t reliable to do this one my own and enrolled 8 people in my life to offer me support, feedback and hold me accountable.  Asking for help was big for me, really asking for someone to contribute to me in a way that will impact my life forever and not knowing how I would ‘pay them back’.  The response of support was overwhelming and moving.  At that point I sent them my four month intentions, following up with weekly action plans and daily coaching calls (alternating days with each coach).  Since that day miracles have shown up!

My coaches graciously listen for me as my greatness, hold me accountable and support me with what is confronting or stopping me.  I imagine what our world would be like if we all had structures like this in our life; a community of people who knew what we were up to, stood for our greatness and the possibilities we created.  I realize this does happen to an extent and believe a world where this is the norm is possible.

I have taken on the following areas: Exercise, Nutrition, Energy Work, Spiritual and Contribution.  I have created some wonderful habits including energy work (EFT/Tapping), drumming, meditation, journaling, exercise, attending the Center for Spiritual Living, nutrition and proper sleep.

So many wonderful things have happened already…I will share about them as well as the miracles that are awaiting…

Until then, shine on loved ones!

With love, Giselle