A few months ago I was listening to a guest speaker at the Center for Spiritual Living;  a medium sharing about the work she does – offering the gift of HOPE, FAITH & LOVE to the lives of many.  She connects people with loved ones who have passed.

As I was listening to her share some incredible stories I asked myself “who would I want to connect with from those who have passed in my life”.  Almost instantaneously my brother Roland popped into my head.  Roland was born and passed away about 2 years before I was even born.  Given this I didn’t understand why he popped into my mind;  I never even knew him.  Well I didn’t worry about the ‘why’ and simply allowed myself to be open to what was available.

Within the next few days I came to determine that I was holding on to sadness and grief related to the loss of my brother.  This was fascinating to me, having me really think about the agreements we make with people before we even come to be in physical form, these are called Soul agreements – where we make agreements based on what we want to learn and experience during our time on earth.  During that week I connected with my brother while drumming and through meditation.  I learned that indeed we had made a soul agreement and were meant to be ‘best buds’ during our life together.  WOW!!  Now this sadness made sense to me.  I had been grieving his loss and didn’t even know it!  I realized I carried this pain and fear of losing a loved one hence pushing people away throughout my life.

Since reconnecting with Roland I have received many messages from him including:  I am loved, I am supported, I am loveable, I am never alone, he has always been with me, he is my guardian angel.


Prior to this connection I was dealing with some health concerns;  fluttering in my heart as well as pain in my right lung when I breathed deeply.  I went through a series of tests which indicated the only physical concern was my low iron.  Shortly after connecting and healing the relationship loss with my brother – the pain in my lungs disappeared and the fluttering subsided.  I have since learned the fluttering is an internal message to me about emotional healing that is occurring in my heart.

I share this story now in acknowledgement of the beautiful gift this reconnection has been for me.  I didn’t post this blog months ago as I was stopped by fear;  fear of what others may think, fear of looking bad, etc.  I share now as I know that fear isn’t real (False Evidence Appearing Real) and regardless of what people may or may not think, I am committed to share myself with the intention of being true to myself as well with the intention to inspire and empower others to be true to themselves and shine their light!

Since September I have connected with spirit, source and angels.  I have worked with alternative healing modalities and medicines clearing away suffering from my past.  I have awaken to the light that I am, have reclaimed my power and stepping into my heart’s purpose.  And in case you were wondering…Roland (and the other angels) have supported me every step of the way.  I have recently become certified as an Angel Card Reader which will compliment my passion in Energy/Spiritual Healing and Coaching.

I am completing my full time job January 16th and will be traveling to Peru at the end of January for 6 weeks. My intentions for this trip is to:  deepen my personal healing through alternative modalities and medicine, expand my vision of who I am as a healer, travel/explore, connect and learn from the locals and visit with some dear friends.  Upon my return to Calgary I will be jumping in – BOTH feet on the court into my new career.

I welcome you to follow my journey and would love to hear from you!

My mission is to share the gift of love and light.  Always remember you are completely supported, appreciated, accepted and loved!

Follow your Bliss and Shine on loved ones.


Much love, Giselle